Pre-school Fees September 2017 

The hourly rate for a child that is 2 years old is £4.95. In the term after their 3rd birthday, the hourly rate is £4.80. This is also when the Early Years Education Entitlement (EYEE) can be claimed. 

If you are eligible for the 30 hours funded childcare you can choose which sessions you use to make up the 30 hours. This includes breakfast club but not lunch club.

The cost for breakfast club is £5.00 per child and the cost of lunch club is £2.50 per child. 

Please refer to the session timetable for more information on how the sessions are split.

Government Funding

In the term after your child's 3rd birthday, they are entitled to 15 hours of funding per week:  We offer a flexible 15 hours for all our entitled children.  The first 15 hours that your child attends Pre-School each week would be funded and therefore no cost to yourselves with any additional hours charged in the normal way.

30 Hour Funding

From September 2017 we are delighted to be able to offer families the flexibility of the new 30 hour, tax free, funding. Please enquire for further information.

We are also happy to offer places to eligible 2 year olds.