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How does the pre-school know if children need extra help and what should I do if I think my child has special educational needs?


At Broad Oak Pre School we


  • Work in partnership with families observing children and continually assessing a child’s progress using the Early Years Foundation stage as a guide.

  • We use the information from parents/carers upon registration and any communication from other agencies as a starting point.

  • If a child is not making appropriate developmental progress we will meet with parents/carers and talk through our observations, together we make plans using agreed strategies setting a review date for planning for the future?

  • If a parent wishes to discuss any issues around developmental progress especially a special educational need before joining the Pre School (or at any time during their time with us) please contact Keran Hunt, Manager and SENCO who will happily meet and talk through any questions/concerns. Keran can be contacted on 01435 864526 during term time or


How will the pre-school support my child with special educational needs?


At Broad Oak Pre School any child who registers with us will be welcomed whatever the additional need in to our nurturing and caring environment.


We have many years’ experience supporting children with a range of additional needs including Medical, Physical and Social. Broad Oak Pre School has well established relationships with external agencies especially the ‘The Early Years’ Service’ with whom we liaise regularly


Primarily, the key person will assess a child as an individual, observing how they learn, what interests them, how they communicate and manage socially and emotionally. (All staff are involved in this process). Observations are shared within the team and the role of the SENCO will be to collate all the information. The SENCO and Key person will share our assessments with families, together we plan the next steps, contacting external agencies for further assessment / support / funding if appropriate. When all plans are in place we continue to communicate regularly with all involved. However it is really important to us to set an agreed review time with parents and others as appropriate, when we look at the observations and collectively decide the next step for your child. All records are kept updated and on file to share with all appropriate people. These are valuable documents for providing information for a child’s transition into a school place later on.



How is the decision made about what type and how much support my child will receive?




  • As we get to know you and your child, Keran will support the keyperson, and the team supporting your child.

  • The needs of the child are paramount and we will meet an agreement how this will be managed on a daily basis

  • Each individual child is unique and therefore needs are also unique.

  • Once a clear plan is established a ‘Setting Based Support Plan’ (SBSP) is written where observations are gathered and recorded

  • If additional funding is needed to increase adult support to implement the strategies then Keran will seek funding and organise the staff team to meet the needs of the child. Should additional resources/ furniture be needed funding will also be sought.

  • The Early Years’ Service will be involved should additional assessment/ advice or funding be needed.




This link may be helpful for more information


How will the pre-school review my child’s progress and how shall they share it with me?




At Broad Oak all children are regularly observed /monitored and assessments made at the end of each term. This is the same for a child who has been identified with additional needs.The SBSP will also have specific steps and observations giving more detailed information this will be shared with parents/carers ( and appropriate agencies if needed ) as often as agreed or if the SBSP requires updating sooner the parents will be asked for a meeting to collaboratively decide the next step.


This all works alongside the daily opportunities to speak with your child’s key person or Keran (SENCO) before or at the end of the session.




A ‘Setting Based Support Plan’ example is available to parents upon request. This may be useful to you, as a parent to familiarise yourself with our paper work system.




What support will there be for my child’s overall well- being?




Here at Broad Oak we take great care to meet the needs of all children it is very important for us to give support not only to children but to parents/carers as appropriate.


The Key person will take the lead role in supporting the child’s pastoral needs. The setting seeks support from medical and health professionals where relevant to individuals and ensures all staff are fully aware of a family’s circumstances and trained to meet a child’s needs.


Broad Oak Pre School follows specific procedures to record administration of medicines and to provide personal care in a respectful and professional way.


Children’s opinions are valued and they are encouraged to explore preferences which are incorporated into daily activities.


Children’s behaviour: The expectation of children’s self-regulation is presented via a Positive Behaviour Policy (Parents can view any time) with clear strategies for managing challenging behaviours as appropriate to age and developmental stage.




What training do the staff have in supporting children with special educational needs or disabilities?




  • The Manager Keran Hunt is also the settings Special Educational Needs Coordinator She gained a BA Honers to degree in Early years in 2013 alongside keeping (SENCO) training up todate. Keran also has an AptED Level 3 award In Speech and Language support of under 5’s (QCF). Experience and training to support children with Cystic Fibrosis and Type One Diabetes.

  • Caroline, the setting Deputy has level 2 award In Speech and Language to support children under 5.

  • The staff team are all, or working towards a level 3 qualification

  • All the team are trained to identify any safeguarding issues.

  • All the team have paediatric first aid training.

  • Julie Casse has Forest school leader (level 3) training, also Forest school first aid




The setting will seek all relevant training to meet the needs of any child wishing to join us, we will work with the Early Years’ Service/ Medical teams to access training.


Specialist training is given to individuals/whole team as appropriate.




What specialist services and support are available to the pre-school?




Keran has managed the Pre School for over 10 years and during this time has built lasting relationships with the Early Years’ Service, Health Visitors, Therapists and Social Services supporting children and families. We seek support from services relevant to a child’s specific need. Multi agency meetings have become very valuable to meet the needs of children effectively.


How will my child/young person be included in activities outside the pre-school, including trips?




We endeavour to offer an inclusive approach for all children to access all outside activities. We manage a forest school on site and work with a high, staff to child ratio and continually risk assess all activities, providing extra staff support when necessary.


All outings are chosen working closely with parents which allows us to explore the suitability of venues we chose. We also encourage all parents to join us on our outings.




How accessible is the pre-school?


The Hall is not purpose built to home a pre-school, the hall has high ceilings which we take into consideration when supporting children with hearing impairments we also add carpets for floor activities.


  • The building is a large village hall all on one level double doors and ramps at the entrance and out of the fire doors.


  • Also a smaller room for 1:1 and small group activities.

  • Doorways are wheelchair friendly.

  • Disabled toileting facilities

  • Any specialist equipment needed is stored securely on site

  • Low level tables, small chairs, cushions and large bean bags, 2 climbing frames suitable for different developmental levels.

  • We support children and families from other countries and cultures by talking with individual families, seeking knowledge and sourcing appropriate literature to support staff and children. Our resources are inclusive to ensure all children feel welcome.

  • We contact the Early Years’ Service for specific support and additional training.


How will the pre-school help my child move on to school?


Transition from Pre School to a reception class or another setting is managed with care and sensitivity.


  • Each year we support children on transition to approximately 7 schools

  • We are fully independent and have built good relationships with all primary schools in the area.

  • We arrange multi agency meetings prior to children leaving us to include all appropriate people from the school to plan a smooth transition.

  • Primary school reception teachers visit the pre-school, they spend time with the children and their Key-person.

  • Detailed summative assessments are written shared with parents and given to school.

  • All reports and ongoing assessments are shared as appropriate.

  • Children planning to attend Broad Oak Primary School are prioritised for visits throughout the year attending the school in small groups with pre-school staff, this helps to familiarise children ready for transition.

  • Keran attends Local Hub Meetings with school reception teachers building relationships and moderating assessments.

  • Keran also attends local cluster meetings meeting Health visitors on a regular basis

  • In the past we have facilitated out of school hour visits for some children.

  • We have liaised with schools when recruitment has been necessary to ensure the child’s needs are met


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